About Us

We are a very informal fun group.  We all share a mutual love for running or walking marathons, both regular and ultras.  Presently members are from 50 states & DC, Canada, Sweden, Bermuda, Netherlands, Latvia, Switzerland, Singapore, England, Germany and Japan. We have a website that handles all the stats, members, finishers, and etc.  A quarterly newsletter is available on the website and those without web access receive theirs by mail. When a marathoner has completed a valid marathon in 10 different states, or has completed 100 plus marathons, the eligibility status will have been met. As for Hand cyclists and Wheelchairs we allow them to complete only one marathon due to lack of marathons available to them.  Membership status is obtained once your application form has been submitted.  The Mega division applicants need to fill out the top portion of the form and in the portion where the 10 marathons are listed, it is only necessary to note the grand total of marathons and ultras completed.  No individual marathon listing is required for the Mega Division.  There is a one time fee of $5, payable to Jerry Schaver.  This fee is used for the cost of website and other expenses.  Donations are also appreciated to keep the group in the black. Each member is on an individual honor system.  Each keeps individual marathon participation records and evidence.  The new Washington D.C. Marathon (Last Plain to Boston) and the Marine Corps Marathon are all acceptable as the D.C. Marathon.  Some members will complete the circuit quickly; others very slowly and might take many years for competition.  There is no time limit for the completion of the circuit, nor is there a time limit on a valid marathon course. Dean Rademaker founded the group in 1989.  Dean was also the director for 13 years and just recently retired from the position.  Jerry Schaver is now the New Director of the group since 12/02.  Thousands of friendships have developed through membership in the group.  The group is very prestigious and through the accomplishments among our members, continues to gain respect.  We have no structured meetings and no officers.  We do offer member get-togethers numerous times during the year for members to meet at various marathons to meet new friends and share their experiences. By necessity the director will decide if a finisher has completed the circuit according to our rules.  Please read our North American rules carefully.  At the conclusion of finishing the circuit you will be placed on the finishers list.  The finisher order is numbered.  You will be eligible to order both the original style finisher trophy and a parchment certificate!  The certificate certifies you and gives you your exact number of finish. Dean B. Rademaker, The Flying Turtle Founder