Nikolas Toocheck

Nikolas Toocheck Nikolas Toocheck - from Pennsylvania finish the 50 & DC Marathon Circuit on May 16, 2017 at the New England Marathon in Springfield VT, and also finish the 7 Continents at the Kazbegi Georgia, back on Sept 06, 2014. Nikolas is 14 years old. Nikolas started back at 12/01/12, he was 9 year old doing marathons. Today he has ran 59 marathons total. His First  Descents 12/01/12 was Lewes, DE was his first marathon for North America and the 1st state. This makes Nikolas Toocheck the youngs member to compete the 50 & DC marathon Group circuit and the 7 Continents. He also finish with Daniel Toocheck that finish all the marathons with. Great job to the both of you!!

Richard DeCample

Richard DeCample - ran the International Peace Marathon on 9/12/15 to completed all 50 states and D. C. for the sixth time.It was Richard 367th marathon. Great Job Richard!!!!!

Brent Weigner

Brent Weigner from Cheyenne, Wyoming: ran in the Samsung Melbourne Marathon in Australia, on Sunday, October 12th, 2008. Brent completion the marathon, for all 7 continents for the 5th time around breaking the current record of four circuits on the seven continents that Brent held.

Holly Koestor

Holly Koestor from Ohio who finished the 50 and DC Marathon circuit. Holly finished her Marathon at the Frank Mier Marathon in Juneau, AK on 08/02/08. Holly is our first Wheelchair racer to do this in a push rim chair.

Brent Weigner

Brent Weigner from Cheyenne, Wyoming: ran in the Gold Coast Marathon at Surfers Paradise, Australia, on Sunday, July 6th, 2008. Brent completion the marathon, for all 7 continents for the 4th time around breaking the current record of three circuits on the seven continents.

Henry Rueden

Henry has completed an inaugural marathon in all the states and DC on 04/26/08. Henry finishes his last inaugural marathon in Nisswa, MN. He ran the Run for the Lakes Marathon.

Bob Dolphin

Bob ran his 400th marathon at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon in Central Washington State on March 31, 2007. Bob and his wife Lenore are co-directors of this marathon.

Kendel Prescott

Kendel has completed all 50 states and DC for the 4th time. This makes Kendel the youngest 4th time finisher with marathons and ultras of 243. She finishes at the Cairo Marathon in West Virginia on 06/02/07. Great job Kendel!

John McFarlane

John is from Newport, England. In 1989, he completed 5 marathons in 5 different continents in 5 consecutive months. John is credited as being the first man to do so in the Guiness Book of Records. Also, in one 12 month period John ran 33 marathons which is still a Scottish record (John was born in Scotland). This is quite and achievement for someone, Great job John!

Chuck Bryant

Chuck Bryant - 47, was an avid runner until he lost his right leg below the knee in a motorcycle crash in 1983. He was 28 years old. Bryant’s first prosthesis wasn’t runner-friendly, so he switched to race walking. But Bryant missing running, so he got a better-fitting prosthesis. He started with 5-K’s and worked his way up to ultra-marathons. In May, Bryant, who lives in Miami, finished a marathon in Brookings, South Dakota, becoming the first amputee to complete marathons in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. This article was provided by Runner’s World magazine that featured Chuck in July 2004.

Brenton Floyd

Brenton Floyd - 18, youngest member of the 50 & D.C. Marathon Group has completed 200 marathons. Brenton finished his 200th race in Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia with a PR of 4hrs on February 1st, 2004!

Tom Matti

"Hi Guy" Tom Matti holds the world record for running 123 marathons in sandals. He is a 3 year marathoner and has completed 129 marathons so far with only 6 of them done in shoes. He holds the title of "The Sandal Runner King Of The World". "Hi Guy"'s first year of running he completed 60 marathons with 54 in sandals and took 4 1st places in 2 50K's, a 50 miler, and a marathon the following day.

Don Mc Nelly

Don holds the record for the most marathons ran after the age of 70 which is 436 !! If that record wasn't enough he also holds the record for most marathons ran at the age of 80 which is 140 and 22 marathons after his 85th birthday. He completed his 100th Ultra after the age of 85 this year. His total marathons/ultras is 707. What a remarkable man, He hopes to hold the records for at least five more years. Don is also a member of the Japanese running club, Full Hyaku. He was give a special "World's Record" award by the club for the total number of marathons after 60, 70, and 80. But he knows there are runners who are after his records!

Steve Ackerman

Steve was an avid runner and skier before he broke his back in a car accident in 1987. Steve started handcycling in 1990, his first big race was the Ride the Rockies, which he continues to do every year. In 1995 World T.E.A.M. Sports invited Steve to embark on a journey of a life-time to cycle around the world in AXA World Ride. Steve crossed 16 countries and handcycled 14,000 miles to circle the world in 8 months time. He is a National Sales director for the Freedom Ryder Handcycles. Steve also is the treasurer and founding board member of the U.S. Handcycling Federation. His favorite quote that keeps him positive is "If you can hold it in you mind, you can hold it in your hand."

Artie Guerrero

A former Army Ranger, Artie was shot in the back during the Vietnam War which left him unable to use his legs. Artie's desire to inspire individuals with disabilities has taken him numerous places with World T.E.A.M. Sports including Vietnam where Artie handcycled 1,200 miles with veterans from both sides of the Vietnam War. For the past ten years Artie has worked to raise funds for numerous disabled sports organizations. He continues to bring disability issues to the nations attention in hope of improving them.

Carlos Moleda

A former member of the elite U.S. Navy Seal Team. During the panama invasion of 1989, Carlos was shot in the back and leg which left him a paraplegic. In the past 13 years, he has become one of the most accomplished disabled endurance athletes in the world. Carlos is a 2 time National Handcycling Champion as well as a 2 time Ironman Triathlon World Champion for the wheelchair division. He looks forward to continuing competing in sports and also to spread the special message that we all have personal abilities and that we all have the ability to do great things in life.

Andrew Kotulski

Andy has spent this past year recovering from a nearly fatal bout of pneumonia and typhoid after finishing a marathon in Russia. He became ill shortly after the marathon and was unable to fly home due to happening the same time as 9-11. He had to endure poor medical attention and language barriers for a week or so until able to fly home. He has run over 400 marathons competitively in all the states, provinces, and some 30 countries. He was a 2:30's marathoner in his 40's and a 1st place age winner in all the states and provinces. Andy continues to run marathons and still places for his age bracket.

Matt Updike

Matt was injured in an automobile accident in September of 1997 that left him paralyzed from the chest down. The accident didn't stop Matt from getting right back into competing in the sports world. He began racing on the handcycle circuit in 2000 and went from finishing near the back in his first season to a National Time Trial title and a Bronze Medal at the IPC World Championships in 2002. Matt also competes in marathons with his latest finish in Havana Cuba in November 2002.